My Current Favorite Beauty Products!

Maybelline 8-in-1 BB Cream

I’ve always been a big fan of BB Cream instead of foundation. I love the lightweight feel of BB cream and I don’t have bad skin so I never really needed full coverage of my face. I was perfectly fine with the light coverage. This type of BB cream helps me in more ways than one. It has 8 benefits that will help dramatically while using this product. The 8 benefits are:

      • Heals/clears acne
      • Covers/reduces appearance of redness
      • Conceals imperfections
      • Minimizes look of pores
      • Adjusts to skin tone
      • Hydrates and smooths
      • Enhances and clarifies
      • 0% oils and lightweight feel



Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Like I said up above, I’ve always used BB cream opposed to foundation, but this year I thought, “why not?” So I went to CVS and thought this one would be a good fit for me. I’ve been using it for a little over a week now and I absolutely love it! Maybelline has always been one of my go to makeup brand because I love their products and they don’t make my skin breakout. This foundation stays in place all day, doesn’t close pores and also minimizes the look of them, and it matches the natural tone so amazingly well. I was shocked that I loved this as much as I did. I definitely recommend this to everyone who is still trying to look for the perfect foundation for them.

Maybelline Master prime Green Primer

I am one of those people who has very sensitive and with sensitive skin, comes the dreaded redness (or the technical medical term is Rosacea). I heard that Green concealer/primer can colour correct your skin colours, in a way, so I thought why not try it out at least and see if it works. This product was not at all as expensive as I thought it would and I tried it out one day when my face was really red and it magically worked. I was completely and utterly shocked by how well it covered and diminished the appearance of my redness. This product went on smoothly and didn’t clog pores and was so lightweight that I actually just ended up wearing this with no makeup. I usually wear makeup to cover the makeup because I am a bit self conscious about it, but now with this product I can just put this on and walk out feeling so confident, which I never thought would happen to me.

Maybelline Mascara

Wow! My favorite mascara is every mascara that Maybelline owns. I know it’s a shock because I hardly use any Maybelline products. But on a serious note, every mascara from Maybelline works perfectly. These mascara are probably the only ones I use on a regular bases, I keep buying more while with other mascaras from other brands I never seem to go and buy more of that particular mascara. I just love that this mascara gives you so much volume and just makes the perfect ending to any makeup look.

Illuminate Shimmering Bronzer

One of my favorite makeup product I use, in general, is bronzer. I love just adding a little tan to my cheeks and I use this mostly instead of blush because with my sensitive skin and Rosacea, it usually doesn’t look good. I sometimes do use blush instead, but very lightly. Well, I heard that Ashley Tisdale was releasing a makeup line and I was so excited when I saw this as a part of it. I saw maekup tutorial of her and others using it and I thought it was so gorgeous and beautiful that I wanted to try it. So I went to and ordered this. I have only been using it for a few days now, but I can tell you that it definitely does what it is meant to do. I got this product in beach bum, which I thought was a lighter shade and wouldn’t be too harsh on my skin. It is so shimmery and applies very easily and you don’t have to use that much product because it’s very pigmented. It also didn’t feel harsh on my skin because a lot of makeup products are not for sensitive skin or those with Rosacea.

Illuminate 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection Palette

When shopping for eye shadow palettes, I hardly stray away from nudes and browns because that’s just what I know I like and I use a lot more than brighter colours. There’s two palettes, Night Goddess and Beach Goddess, which I chose the Beach Goddess one. All the colours are very pigmented and blend so smoothly. Plus, you have three colours to use for your cheeks, which I really liked. All the eye shadows are named after places she loves to visit, which are places I always dreamed of going and exploring one day in my life. Also, it comes in cute packaging and has a mirror, so this is a good product for the girl or boy on the go.

Illuminate 8 Brush Set

Another product that I ordered alongside the rest of the Illuminate makeup products I bought. When I received this package, I honestly forgot I ordered these, but when I started using them, I was really impressed. The brushes blend everything in well and also, they are very easy to clean. This is the perfect beginner set for anyone, I think. I also love the colour of them. The brushes include two eye shadow brushes, a smudge brush, contour brush, dual fiber brush, Deluxe Powder brush, Blush brush, and an angled liner brush, which is all the brushes you truly need to create an beautiful work of art on your face.

Nude Rose 4 Color Highlighter Palette

See I never was one of them that understood highlight and why people do it, but I ended up buying this and I’m still getting the hang of it. This palette is perfect for it. All colours are very shimmery and glittery, and this is basically the only thing you need to do blush, bronzer, or highlight. You also don’t need to use that much to get it to show up, which I really liked because it will last longer. Another thing is it stayed on all day long. I have been using this every single day since I got it a couple days ago and I am still amazed by it.

E.L.F. Gel Eyeliner

If you are on a budget then E.L.F. products are perfect. They are cheap and work just as well, in my opinion, as high end products. Especially their gel liner. It applies smoothly and lasts so long because there’s honestly so much eyeliner in that container, even if it looks like there isn’t, trust me there is. I am pretty sure it’s $3 on their website, which is very cheap for gel liner. Also, if you are into doing the wing on your eyes then this perfect because you can create the most perfect wing every on your eye that would make so many people jealous of it. I don’t use the angled brush it comes with because I don’t like angled liner brushes, so I use a thin brush that came with another gel liner. It takes a little bit to get a handle on, if you’ve never tried gel liner before, but once you get ahold of the technique then it’ll become quick and you can be out the door faster than anything. I especially use this when I am running low on time just because it’s faster than using liquid liner.

Hard Candy Sheer Enjoy Skin Perfecting Primer

I have been using this for years upon years. It hyrdrates, moisturizes, and fills in fine lines, pores and winkles, which is truly amazing. It does not make my skin at all feel oily or greasy and it can be worn with or without makeup. It truly is the perfect beginning to any makeup look. With this product I sometimes just put some loose powder over top it and I leave. It also, doesn’t breakout my skin or irritate it like most primers seem to do.

Sea Breeze

This is what I use every morning and every night before I go to bed. It deep cleans and gets all the dirt, oil and bacteria inside pores leaving skin feeling fresh and brand new. It also cleans makeup very easily with hardly spending anytime to remove waterproof makeup. I think this might be one reason why my skin hardly breaks out because it does such an amazing job at removing all the toxins that are the reasons behind breakouts and acne. And it also helps with sunburn and soothes that so this is my go to in the summer when I spend time outside because I get sunburned easily, so this helps it heal faster.

My Makeup Set Oval Brush Set

You most likely have heard all the good news and good reviews on these oval brushes. Well, I decided to buy some and test them out for myself. I was never really big on using brushes, but I started getting into applying makeup properly, in which, finding the right brushes proves difficulty to me. When these arrived and I opened them the first things I noticed and really liked/was impressed with were that they were extremely soft (very good for my sensitive skin) and they even had wrote on them what they are genuinely supposed to be used for (helped me out a lot). I see why everyone loves these because I do, too.

Clinique Moisturizer

I didn’t know about clinique until my roommate told me about and their products. I decided to order some moisturizer because I really needed some. This was a bit more on the expensive side, but my roommate said it is worth the price and I trust her. I’ve been using this for months now and I have seen such a dramatic change in my skin since the first I used it. I don’t have dry skin anymore and my skin looks radiant and it’s not oily or greasy while using this. My skin feels soft and smooth and I absolutely love this moisturizer. I don’t think I will be using any other moisturizer for a years to come.

Vanity Planet Spin Brush

Truth be told, I only ordered this because I had a code that gave me over 70% off. But I would probably have paid 120$ for this, in all honesty. It cleans and deep cleans so well and also, it has one for exfoliating skin, in order to get all the disgusting dead skin leaving skin smooth and blemish free. You can put almost any cleaner in it. It also has two setting the first setting is a slow setting and then the second setting is faster that I turn on for a little bit just to run it over the areas of my face where my pores are larger and more noticeable.