Hydrating LOVE & BEAUTY by Forever 21 Sheet Face Mask Review

The last few months, I’ve been really into face masks. I have never tried one before September, probably of last year. I got this sheet face mask atForever 21 after I got done watching a movie. I never tried a sheet mask, so it was new, but I thought it would really help with my dry skin.

This is an ultra hydrating with aloe vera and vitamin c mask. It also is hyp allergic, which is amazing for my type of skin, which is very sensitive. All you do is peel about the mask and put it on your face by lightly pressing it to your face. Then you relax for 15 minutes, I actually kept this on for 20 minutes because it felt amazing.

Up above is what it looks like on the face; I couldn’t really smile with it on, so that’s why I look kind of mad. It was cold and very wet, but almost instantly I felt it working. During this season, most people get really dry skin, especially within the face. So I’ve been using face masks 2-3 times a week now because of that. After the 15 minutes you just peel it off and rub in the excess moisture.

I think this product is amazing! My skin felt so much more moisturized with no dead or rough skin. Also, my skin was glowing and looked very refreshed. I reccomend this to people are dealing with dry skin and nothing seems to work.

Below is my skin after using the face mask:


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