My Makeup Set – YAY or NAY?

First of all, when I ordered, it took nearly two months for them to ship it to me. Then on top of that I did not get two of the items I paid $20-$25 for. And then when I emailed them multiple times, they told me they would get back to me in a few days, and never got back to me. And the products I got from them, I was not impressed with at all.

  • Concealer

    • This came in a thing that had concealer for all different skin tones, as well as, had color correcting concealer. When I tried this out, I didn’t like it whatsoever. It did not blend at all and didn’t really have a good color for my skintone. I tried to blend it with others and it made a mess. I would not recommend this and this product is definitely a big NAY!
  • Two Color Contour Set

    • They sent me the wrong color I asked for. I ordered white and beige and they sent me, white and dark brown. I cannot even use this product because it is way too dark and no matter what I do, I cannot get the color lighter. It is way too harsh on my skin-tone. Maybe if they ACTUALLY sent me the right contour set then I would like it better, but this is a NAY!
  • Lip Gloss
    • This had 88 lip glosses in the set, I believe. To me, it is not worth how much it is to begin with because there are no color to the lip gloss. To none of them except for maybe two or three. They look like they will, but when you put them on your finger or on your lips then there is no color. The really bright reds had color, but not as much as I felt like they should. And also, the blue lip gloss was the most disappointing one, yet. Might as well just have bought 88 clear lip gloss because that basically is what this is. Definitely not worth how much I spent on it.
  • 10 Blush Set

    • These blushes are pretty, but they are way too glittery and too harsh on my skin-tone. They don’t blend and instead of me looking like I’m blushing, it looks like I’m really hot or my cheeks are breaking out. It’s not a good look. So for me, personally, I would not recommend this.
  • Oval Brushes

    • This is the only thing I liked from them. It was originally $100 or something along the lines of that price, but I got it for $25 because of a code I used. I think the brushes are worth $25, but no more than that. I really like how the brushes are labeled and they blend everything really well. I do see the hype in this that everyone has been talking about, but how much most of these sets cost, I don’t see why anyone would pay over $100 for them. I really like my set, but I would never have paid that much for one. I will give this a YAY, if the price is not above $25.

I don’t think ‘My Makeup Set’ is a good place to order ANYTHING from. They are not organized and unreliable. I am mad that I didn’t get the concealer brush and the lipstick I paid money for in my order. And it took way too long to get to me. I don’t think anyone should ever order anything from this website. If you want to then go ahead, but honey, it is not worth it at all.


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