THE VOICE of the Children

I have had this book for years, but never had the time to pick it up and finally read. I finally did today and I just cannot believe these children. This book broke my heart and opened up my eyes, at the same time. These children are saying things that everyone is either too afraid to speak up about or they don’t know anything about it. Children are so smart, but no one notices them. Children are the ones who speak their mind, but why don’t adults do the same? As we grow older, it says we grow wiser, but is that true? To me, it seems like children are wiser than any adult I’ve ever met. Especially the children who wrote something for this book.

Every poem or article or little note, whatever you want to call them, definitely had an affect on me, in someway. I was speechless through most of the book. I teared up and these children even made me realize something. They definitely know the world better than us. I wish I opened up this book faster and sooner than I did.

It’s honest and it’s clear. These children need to be heard. What they say is the truth and if adults does not see that then they are the ones that are not clear. They are the ones who don’t understand. But children they are smarter than all of us.


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