Makeup Of The Day (MOTD) – Valentine’s Day Look

Prep: Clinique Face Wash; Clinique Clarifying Lotion; Clinique Gel Moisturizer

Face: Maybelline Green Primer/Base; Maybelline 8-in-1 BB Cream; Nyx Yellow Concealer

Eye Shadow: Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer; Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Night Goddess Palette (Eye Shadow Colors: TWILIGHT as the base, NOCTURNAL on the outer corner of lid and the crease, ANIMAL in the middle of the lid, & IN THE STARS in the corner of the lid); 

Eyeliner and Mascara: Milani Fierce Foil Eyliner in the color Purple Foil; Wet n Wild Bold mascara

Cheeks: Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Illuminating Shimmer in the shade Beach BumIlluminate By Ashley Tisdale Cream Cheek And Lip Tint in the color Cabana

Lips: Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Enhancing Lip Gloss in the color Skinny Dipping

Brushes: Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Brushes- #6 is the large eye shadow brush, #7 is the smudge brush that I used to smudge the eyeliner on the bottom waterline and blended out the eyeshadow, #4 the angled contour brush was used to apply the cheek tiny and the bronzer, & #2 was the dual fiber brush that I used in order to blend everything out and make sure there were no harsh lines

Extra Products: Bh Cosmetic Brush Cleaner; Jerdon LED Lighted Makeup Mirror; Eyelash Curler; love & beauty by Forever 21 Beauty Blender; Sea Breeze; Baby Powder

This is a perfect look for Valentine’s Day. The colors are so beautiful. NOCTURNAL is such a beautiful purple and IN THE STARS is a beautiful light color. All the shadows are sparkly, except ANIMAL, which is a dark brown and added a little darkness in between the two sparkly/bright/light shadows. 

I hope you like this look. Until the next time. Stay true to yourself. Always and Forever.  


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