Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist+Workout Songs – MUSIC MONDAY

Monday isn’t all that bad, especially since it is MUSIC MONDAY! Today is about Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist. This week the songs were so on point while I working out. Plus, I added songs that really inspired me to work hard and not give up on the workout. 

First “Discover Weekly” Playlist:

  1. I Don’t Belong To You by Keke Palmer – This song was on my ‘Discover Weekly’ Playlist and I honestly never truly listened to Keke Palmer before this. But this popped up while I was working out and I don’t know why, but it got me pumped. I just thought about going through this and it gave me motivation. 
  2. Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter – This is just a true song. I think everyone should take time to listen to this and realize just how true the lyrics/words are. Don’t be a puppet. This got my motivated because I am working out, not to fit in with anyone or become skinny, but because I want to be healthier. I’m doing it for me and not for anyone else. 
  3. If I Said I’m In Love (Suicide) by Mizgin – This was an upbeat song that was filled with sadness. It got me dedicated to work hard because I thought about my past and about a guy I dated, and I just kept running and running while listening to this song. Sometimes heartbreak is the best fuel or motivation to kick ass!
  4. Out of the Darkness by Erin Willet – I’m surprised I never heard this song before because this describes my life so well. With what is going on, I just wanted to prove everyone wrong. Everyone who has doubts in me, I want to show them that I can do something big; that I can be something that they never thought I’d be. The darkness cannot last forever. 
  5. Talk by Sammi Sanchez – This was so upbeat that I just kept going and going. No talking, just working out. 

This Week’s 5 Top Workout Songs:

  1. Power by Little Mix – This is a song that is so upbeat and fast tempo. The music and the voices put together are powerful. It definitely gives you the power to push through your workout, no matter how much you want to quit and give up. 
  2. Rise by Katy Perry – Just gotta keep rising up and know that what your doing is worth it in the end. Working out is not easy, but it is something that music can help with. This is such an inspiration and motivational song that kept me moving and moving, and not stopping. 
  3. Army of Me by Christina Aguilera – Fight through  everything with an army of you. In the end, you will always have you, but family and friends, that’s not guaranteed. If you do anything do it for you. Working out is something I do because I do love it. It’s not about having people like me or not, it’s about me. That’s how it should be. 
  4. Firestarter by Demi Lovato – Such a badass song. I listen to this song while boxing because it is honestly one of the best songs for that. Also, for running or swimming, I listened to this song because it just keeps me going. 
  5. Shoutout to my Ex by Little Mix – Heartbreak is the perfect thing to inspire someone to workout. When you breakup, you want revenge and the perfect revenge is getting an amazing body. Even though you should only do something because you want to do it, but let’s be honest it never hurt to have fuel behind that. 

Music makes the world brighter. Makes working out a lot easier. If you don’t know these songs, then you should definitely listen to those songs. 


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