Maybelline Master Prime By FaceStudio Primer/Base – YAY or NAY?

From showering to using harsh products to using rough product-my face sometimes turns red. I was looking up something that could cover it up and while looking it up online, I found out about tone correcting concealer/base, so I went to CVS and looked a green concealer. 

I originally wanted to get the NYX green concealer, but they were all out. I kept looking around the store and found this master prime Base by Maybelline. On the front it said, Blur+Redness Control, so I decided to get it and try it out. 

I went to the dorm, and tried it out a bit. What I first noticed, was that it wasn’t as green as I expected it to me. The NYX concealer looked way more green than this does. It was a very light green and in bright light, it almost looked white. I didn’t know if it was going to work or not, but I was optimistic. 

On the back of the tube, it gave you everything it is supposed to do. Like always, I’m going to break them down and tell you my impressions on it doing that:

#1 Visually blurs tone imperfections and smooths fine lines: I think it did this for the most part. I believe that it could work better, but it definitely fills in the lines and smooths out skin. Makes it smooth, which is a good thing. 

#2 Primed skin to control redness for an even-toned start: I don’t think it hid the redness, as well as it could have. I feel like it was basically lotion being put on, it didn’t hide the redness. It did make the skin soft and smooth to easily apply makeup, but the redness was still there. Maybe it was the lighting and if I was in better or brighter lighting then maybe it would have shown that it worked. 

#3 Lightweight non-oily formula: This is my favorite part of the makeup. It is lightweight, you don’t notice you have it on. And it has no oil, so perfect for those oily skin types, but really for any skin type, I think this would work well with. 

#4 Does not clog pores: When makeup doesn’t clog pores then it’s a blessing. This didn’t clog my pores and I have huge pores. I was very surprised that it didn’t do that because for some reason I thought it would. 

You can wear this with or without makeup, like any other regular or tone correcting Primer/base. To me, I feel like how much you pay for this, it should have worked better and have better results. I just didn’t think it did that much for the redness. 

At CVS, this was about/around $10 and the NYX Concealer was around $5, and I honestly think the NYX one would have done a better job. NYX is thicker, so I think that would have worked. I love lightweight products, but in this situation, it might be better to use a thicker formula. 

So I’m leaning more towards NAY for this product, but I still kind of like. They just need to make it less lightweight and it might work better. 

Thank you for reading. Always remember to stay true to yourself and I’ll see you next time!
If you try this product out then let me know how you like it by tagging me in it on twitter or Instagram:

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