e.l.f. Tone Correcting Powder – YAY or NAY?

e.l.f. is a very inexpensive brand that works amazing. This product on the other hand, sadly, it was not my favorite. I got this because I have redness and I get really bad undereye circles, so I thought this would help. It has all the tone correcting colors I need. 

This product, honestly, the only good thing is that it comes with a mirror. When I first started using it, I really liked it, but as time went on I started noticing things that I didn’t notice at first.

The powder made my skin look very chalky, dry and cakey. It wasn’t a good look. Especially over foundation or BB Cream, it just stuck and you could see the powder clear as day. I did not really like that at all. 

It also does not do what it is supposed to do. Blur redness and cover dark undereye circles, did not happen at all. If anything, this actually made the appearance of all that worse. It is not attractive whatsoever. 

This is a heck nay! I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It does not look gorgeous. Attractive. Or beautiful. It just is really chalky and makes skin look dry. Who wants that?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading. As always, remember to stay true to yourself and I’ll see you next time!

If you do end up trying this product out then let me know how you like it by tagging me in it on twitter or Instagram:

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