Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – YAY or NAY?

I am not a big fan of foundation. Anyone who have read my previous blog posts knows that. I just think it’s too heavy and I am honestly too lazy to go and try and find my perfect shade. Because it is nearly impossible to do that. But I had my roommate help me with finding a shade that was as close as possible to my skin tone and it is a pretty close resemblance to it. 

When picking out a foundation, I decided to go with Maybelline because I love their products. And I found this “Fit me! Foundation” and decided to get that in 115 Ivory. I went back to the dorm and tried it out, and it matched almost perfectly. With foundation, it will never match completely, at least with how my skin is. 

On the back it says that it should do three main things:

#1 – Mattifies and refined pores: I have huge pores and it’s something I’m self-conscious about. Everyone has something they feel uncomfortable about and for me my pores/blackheads have always been one of those things. With this, it fills in the pores, but does not clog them or cause a major breakout. The pores disappears, which I really love about this product. 

#2 Matches natural tone: Like I said, shopping for a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly is overwhelming for me. There’s way too many shades and I actually start panicking about finding the perfect shade. This definitely matches well, as long as my skin doesn’t get irritated or really red; if it does that then this foundation does not work or doesn’t cover it completely. 

#3 Natural, seamless finish: I don’t like it when makeup looks cakey or fake, so this is a good product for me. It looks natural. Doesn’t look like you are wearing any foundation. And the finish of it is just gorgeous, to me. It also stays on all day and doesn’t rub off half way through the day. 

This foundation goes on smoothly, almost silk-like, and blends really well into the skin. It does not breakout my skin, from what I’ve noticed/seen so far, while using it. Also, this is for skin that is oily/greasy, so I use it when my skin is really oily. It’s matte, so it stays on throughout the whole day, no matter how much I wipe my face. 

I would recommend this to anyone, who has not found the right type/kind of foundation for them. Especially, if they have oily skin or big pores then this is perfect for those skin types. For me, I personally really love this foundation and I never thought I’d find a foundation I really love. 

This does everything I want, so it’s a YAY. You guys should try this out and let me know how you like it, if you do or not. And let me know if there are any foundations you really love that you think I should try out. 

Thanks again for reading. Remember to always stay true to yourself and I’ll see you next time!

If you try this product out then let me know how you like it by tagging me in it on twitter or Instagram:

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