Popsugar Fitness App+Favorite Workouts

Popsugar Fitness is an amazing ‘workout program,’ if you can call it that? I’m not exactly sure what it is, but what I do know is that it is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I have multiple fitness apps on my phone, just in case, if I can’t get to/go to a gym that I can still get some sort of workout in during the day. 

With this app, you have so many different types of workouts that you can choose from. No matter what you love to do, you will be able to find an exercise/workout to do. It has dance, yoga, cardio, biking, treadmill, etc., it definitely has workouts for whatever mood you are in. This is my go-to fitness app every time that I don’t have time to head to the gym. 

Favorite Workouts:

  1. 10-Minute Supermodel Stretch: This is a very good warm-up. It’s important to warm-up before ANY type of physical activity/workout. Without doing that, there is a possibility of injuring yourself or straining a muscle. I usually do this before the gym or before I do other workouts from this app. It definitely loosens you up. I also notice a difference from when I do this before a workout and when I don’t. When I don’t do this or any type of stretching, I’m very tight, and my legs start to cramp up and hurt. So remember to always warm-up/stretch before a workout! 
  2. Get Fit While Gettin’ Down With Zumba: I got really into Zumba when I was in middle school and they had this after school Zumba class that I decided to take. It was very fun and since that day I’ve been hooked! This is a fast-tempo dance routine/workout, usually to Latin music, for the most part, but I’ve done it with all types of music. This is a good one, but not my favorite, but it is the only Zumba workout on the app, so that is why it is on here. 
  3. Become Beyoncé With This Sexy Dance Workout: Evergone wants to be Beyoncé, but sadly no one can be! However, you can dance like her! This is a high tempo and fast best workout that I truly love doing. I try and do it once every other week. 
  4. Victoria Secret’s Model Workout: 10-Minutes Fat-Blasting Circuit: This is probably my favorite out of all the workouts. They actually have one of the trainers, who trains Victoria Secret models, to teach you this workout. It is a workout that definitely makes you burn those calories off. It works out your butt and legs mostly. You don’t stop moving. It’s from one exercise to the next, but that is how you should do it when working out. 
  5. Get Cameron Diaz’s Lean Legs With This 10-Minute Workout: Miss Diaz’s legs are used to be the talk of the town. How she got them? Trying to get lean legs that you love is nearly impossible. It seems like most people hate their legs, so this is a great exercise to get the legs you love. 
  6. 30-Minute Cardio Pilate Fat-Burning Workout: Pilates are great for abs, flexibility and strength, so I try to throw in this exercise at least once a week. 
  7. 30-Minute Flat-Bellly Workout: Getting a flat stomach isn’t easy. And you shouldn’t try to either because you are beautiful just the way you. But this is a workout that burns the fat in the stomach area. This work out gives you the abs and the stomach you dream of having. 

I think you guys should go and download this app. Try it out and see what workouts you love to do. It’s free and has workouts that you can do at the gym, but also at home. It’s very easy to use. You can also create your own routines. 

Thank you for reading!


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