Milani Fierce Foil Eyeliner in Purple Foil – YAY or NAY?

I have had this for a while, but never used it. Purple foil is a color that is glittery and a very dark purple that I love. The application does not go on smoothly, but when you practice more and use it more then it starts to get easier with it. Milani has really good product and in my opinion, it is a very good makeup brand. 

This eyeliner stays on all day. You don’t need to use that much product to show it up on skin. I don’t believe it comes with a brush, but that is not hard to get. One of the biggest reasons I bought this eyeliner is because purple brings out green eyes and trust me, this definitely did that! It’s a mixture between a gel, a cream and a powder, which is truly amazing. However there are problems. 

The problems I have with this product is that it smudges extremely easily. It transfers to the top lid/below the brow bone sometimes throughout the day. Another problem is that if you want a wing, that’s not easy to achieve with this specific eyeliner. 

I would recommend this to people. I can’t really say if this is a YAY or a NAY because to me it’s in the middle. I think it’s a great product, but it has some problems that I don’t run into with other eyeliners. I love the color, but not being able to get a perfect (or at least a decent) wing eyeliner look is something I’m not okay with. 

If you want to, go ahead and try out this product. Let me know how you like/enjoy it. Do you have the same problems I have with it? 

Thank you for reading! 


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