L. A. Colors Lip Products Review (YAY or NAY?)

L. A. Colors is a makeup brand that is cheap (most likely is the cheapest out of all of them) and for the most part releases decent makeup products. Their eyeshadow work just as well as the more expensive brands and their eyeliner is pretty good. If you are on a budget you can get good products for a low price with this brand. This post is about their lip products and if they are good enough. 

For the price, they are decent, but not for long wear. The lipsticks don’t stay on very long, even if you have a lip liner or something to ty and keep it in place longer, it doesn’t want to. Also, they aren’t as pigmented as some would want them to be. They are very creamy, which is probably why they don’t stay long. 

On to the lip glosses, which I think are better then the lipsticks. These are a little sticky and is hard to move your lips together, but I still like these more opposed to their lipsticks. The colors are more pigmented, for the most part. And they smell amazing and not toxic. 

So debating whether you should get these or not, it’s not an easy question to answer. If you are on a budget and can’t really afford the more expensive lip product, then this is a good subsitituyr to them, but you just need to know not to expect much out of them. I still buy them because if I just need to get a color that I’m only going to use once then I’ll just get this brand. It’s truly up to you and what you think of them. For me, they aren’t my favorite, but I still have least favorite ones below these. 


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