Tips For Getting Over Your Ex…

Going through a breakup is never easy. Especially when you are still so in love with them and you cannot see your life without them in it. It can sometimes be a long and sad process that no one wants to ever go through, but it makes you so much stronger. Sometimes people fall out of your life for a reason, and you end up finding new people and you end up stronger than you ever were before. It’s a sad thing, but it is also a happy thing, in a way, if you think about it.

  1. DON’T STAY IN TOUCH WITH THEM: Cut all contact! Right now! Delete his or her number… Unfollow them on all social media sites (Snapchat, Twitter, Instragram, Tumblr, etc.)… Unfriend them from Facebook… If you have mutual friends in common, then cut contact from them for a while. Cutting contact with those mutual friends, will not be forever, but just until you can hear his name or see his photo without breaking down or getting angry. This is honestly the first step you should take when trying to get over and move on from a relationship. Unfollowing them from all social media really is helpful because you don’t want to see if they are doing better than you and you definitely don’t want to know if they already got in a new relationship or something along those lines. You want to move on, but you won’t be able to ever do that if you keep seeing their pictures and/or videos. And this might not be forever, but just for the time being.
  2. TRAVEL SOMEWHERE. JUST YOU AND FRIENDS: Just go out or travel somewhere with some of your best friends. Go to beach, go out to a club, or go and travel to somewhere that you have always wanted to travel to. Your friends and family are going to be the ones that you hold on to and lean on when you are going through something tough and hard, like a breakup. For me, the beach has always been a very relaxing place and somewhere I’d go when I was feeling down. Find your happy place and go there along or with friends. Go out and do a road trip. By doing this, you will start feeling happier and be able to laugh without faking. Traveling or going to the spa or to a club is a great way to forget about something bad that has happened to you. Check something off your bucket list and do it with friends!
  3. MAKE YOURSELF BUSY: Keeping busy is a great way to forget something that has caused you pain. Just keep active and keep moving throughout the day! It will keep your mind off the breakout as long as possible, which is a good thing.
  4. LET YOURSELF HAVE SOME TIME TO CRY: Even though you are trying to stay busy, at least save some time for you to just let out your feelings and cry. I know people say that crying is a sign of weakness, but it truly isn’t. It is alright to show your feelings. Who cares what others will say? By letting yourself cry, you don’t just hide your feelings and just let them build up inside of you, which will cause you to just explode eventually. No one wants to explode, so just let yourself some time to cry it out.
  5. THROW AWAY THEIR STUFF: Keeping something from an ex is a constant reminder of them everyday, so grab a garbage bag and start tossing everything and anything that they gave you or that reminds you of them in any way. This is kind of a therapy session for yourself. While doing this you will remember the good time and the bad times and everything else in between. It is good to remember those, but if you really want to move on from your ex then you really need to get to tossing all their stuff out. It will be difficult and it won’t just happen in a day because there are some things you want to hold on to for a while. And if you want to do that then go ahead and do that because it is perfectly fine! Eventually you will be able to get rid of everything and won’t even remember their name.
  6. TALK TO PEOPLE: Another therapy session is to just talk to someone. Talk to someone you trust and who you know will not judge you. Someone who you are very close to and that maybe knows everything that went on in your relationship with your ex. Talking it out is a great way to just left stress away from you. It is very therapeutic and they can give you even more advice on what to do. They can guide you in the right direction to forgetting your ex and everything.
  7. PICK UP A NEW HOBBY: Picking up a new hobby is something that can be so much fun to do. It gives you something new to do in your life. It is a change from your usual or regular routine, if you have one that is. You could pick up doing a sport or join a club, like a book club. Something that you’ve always wanted to do, but never did it for some reason. This is the time for you to do what you want to do. Just go out and do something you’ve always enjoyed, but never truly had the time to do it, in a while.
  8. WRITE IT OUT: Writing is such a therapeutic thing to do. I always write down my feeling and it has helped me through some breakups. You could write songs, poems, or even just keep a journal/diary and write something everyday. Or you could just sit down one day and just write whatever you are thinking, and you could do this once a week. Writing out your feelings is a great way to get everything out. This is also great if you don’t like talking to people about your feelings, just do this because no one will ever see it, but you.
  9. STAY SINGLE FOR A WHILE: My personal favorite is to take this time to be single for a while. Take this time to focus on you and just have fun! Go out on a few dates if you want, but don’t jump into a serious relationship if you are not ready and if you are still hung up on your ex. Or maybe take this time to just not worry about boys or girls and just enjoy this time with friends. Enjoy your new freedom and learn about yourself and grow more into who you are. I have found out in recent years that from going into and out a relationship, that I have grown so much through that relationship, but also after the relationship was over.

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